Nissan | The Juke

  • Nissan
  • Studio 27
  • Dj Albertino, Simon Dejano, Lollino, Konplot, Rudeejay, Giorgia Lee, Michael Salamon, TY1, Populous
  • Italy
  • Crossover Sounds
  • The most successful music storytelling campaign of 2015 in Italy. Over 7 million views, 55.000 unique users and 75.000 page views.

    To promote Nissan’s sport crossover, the Juke, and celebrate the car’s balance of style and performance highlighting its place in the urban environment, we brought together a legendary music influencer and 8 outstanding talents in the electronic music scene to discover the sounds and soul of Italy’s urban landscapes.

    With DJ Albertino at the Juke’s helm, we curated a journey across 8 Italian cities, recording a unique track at each location with a native producer and charting the nation’s sound. The whole experience was filmed and delivered to the public on a dedicated website and platform, where they could also listen to the custom made compositions and download them for free.

    A rich-media, multifaceted campaign developed through print, blogs, social networks and events, producing 8 unique tracks and a hugely successful web series to cement the city as the Nissan Juke’s home.