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  • CNCO
  • Latin America, USA, Spain
  • See how CNCO fans around the world have been taken to the streets to catch the new songs from their debut album.

    In the lead up to the release of CNCO’s “Primera Cita” fans were given the opportunity to listen to previously unheard songs from the album. Fans across Latin America, the United States and Spain were given the opportunity to listen to one new song each day in the week of release by visiting a specific location in their city with the campaign website open on their mobile phone’s web browser, powered by the Landmrk platform. Fans directed themselves from their current location to the highlighted listening hotspot using the CNCO branded map, as soon as they arrived the music was unlocked! They were also given the opportunity to create and share a unique keepsake in the form of a CNCO medal that detailed the song name, location name, and the fans worldwide ranking and also incorporated the user’s name and their photo. Progress of the unlocks was charted on the desktop version of the campaign website, where a dynamic leader board detailed which country had the most dedicated #CNCOwners. When the target amount of unlocks was reached video messages from the band were available to view on the campaign landing page.

    The campaign resonated amongst tens of thousands of CNCO’s fans worldwide. The fan created hashtag, #CNCOGo, a tribute to campaigns likeness to Pokemon Go, trended in the Dominican Republic and supported a raft of creative fan content pieces: videos of groups of friends unlocking the songs, mock Pokemon Go images were photoshopped, screenshots of their locations in relation to their closest hotspots pushed the campaign and the release even further.

    “Primera Cita” hit n.1 in the US Latin Billboard chart as well as in the official album charts in Bolivia, Ecuador and Guatemala. It also went top 10 in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Spain.